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Less Complicated. Fewer Headaches.
More Freedom.

Where Furniture +
Walls Meet

Flexibility of Furniture ● Durability of Walls ● Visual Separation ● Acoustic Comfort
● Identifiable Spaces ● Boost Productivity

No Construction Permits.
Less Labor. Plug and Play.

Create spaces without construction permits
Build spaces without having to navigate electricians and other logistical hurdles
Install overhead baffles without interfering with fixed ceilings
Plug + play Zap Rail without hardwiring
Reconfigure or relocate as your team needs shift
Work within budgets for real cost + time savings benefits

Configure. Build.
Reconfigure. Build Again.

Reuse is a pinnacle of sustainability and is not just built into the design
of Dividerie, but is its intended state. Adaptable modules encourage
the repurposing of all system components for the next generation of
space as your needs shift.

Modular, Flexible,
and Adaptable